The Texas Rifle Pistol Club

Welcome to the Texas RPC homepage!

The Texas Rifle/Pistol club at UT is an organization focusing on competitive and recreational rifle and pistol shooting. We shoot both rifle and pistol competitions in a variety of matches, ranging from collegiate and TSRA matches to NRA postal matches.

If you'd like to join, please contact, and/or attend one of our meetings. Check the calendar for more information on where we convene.


I've never shot a gun before. Can I join?

Of course! Several of our members joined with no prior shooting experience. We'll teach you how to shoot if you decide to come out on one of our range trips.

Are there any membership dues?

There are no fees to enter the club, but you will need to pay range fees (see below).

Due to the volatile nature of ammo prices, we may cover ammo expenses if it would be too costly on your part. We would appreciate effort on our members' part to find ammo during these shortages, and will reimburse your expenses for the trouble. I recommend using a site like GUNBOT to find cheap ammunition.

Where do you shoot?

We no longer have the luxury of an on-campus range, so we shoot off-campus. Most of our practices are at the Lone Star Gun Range (Google Maps). There is a flat $15 fee to shoot all day, or a full-year membership for $100.

The Lone Star Gun Range is several miles away from campus, so we'd appreciate anyone with a car that's willing "carpool" other members out to the range.

What is competitive rifle/pistol shooting?

The objective of most competitions is to be the best marksman. As a result, many of the customs of traditional shooting like hunting are very different in a competitive environment. Pistol shooting is one-handed, and rifle shooting uses three very unorthodox yet effective positions to improve accuracy. Head over to the Resources section to read all about the specifics.


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